Conseil supérieur de l'éducation
Member Appointment Process

Are you interested in taking part in the work of the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation and its commissions? To become a member of the Board of the Conseil or any of the five commissions, be sure to let the relevant association or organization that best represents you know of your interest, for each year—typically in February or March—the Conseil reaches out to these associations and organizations for a list of possible candidates.

Members of the Board of the Conseil are appointed by the Québec Government upon the recommendation of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, in accordance with the Act Respecting the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation for a term not exceeding four years. The Board can take on new members at any time throughout the year as vacancies occur.

Members of the Conseil’s five commissions are appointed by the Board of the Conseil in accordance with the Internal Management By-Laws of the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation for a term not exceeding three years, generally starting on the first day of September in a given year.

The bodies of the Conseil are by and large representative of the different levels or sectors of instruction. Individuals appointed to sit on these bodies thus come with diverse attributes in light of their functions, the community or region they hail from, their gender, etc. Depending on a body’s membership at a given time, it is possible that a candidate who is not selected one year may be appointed at another time.

Members who sit on the Board of the Conseil and its commissions do so as citizens and as volunteers rather than as experts, administrators or representatives of special interests. By virtue of their roots in their respective communities, they are called upon to guide and enrich the work of the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation in preparing its briefs and reports.

The Board of the Conseil meets eight times per year, members of the five commissions at least four times per year. Meetings are held in either Montréal or Québec City.


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Member Appointment Process

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