Conseil supérieur de l'éducation
Commissions and Committees

To propose guidelines and draw up recommendations to the Minister on issues related to a level or sector of education or on the state and needs of education, the Conseil supérieur de l'éducation (CSE) mandates a commission, or the Committee for the Report on the State and Needs of Education, or establishes an ad hoc committee. These commissions and committees prepare proposals, reports on the state and needs of education, or memoranda, which they then submit to the CSE for adoption.

The work of the Conseil is the result of consideration among its members. This is founded on published studies, consultation with experts, as well as dialogue with players directly involved in the education field.

Conseil supérieur de l'éducation :

Committee for the Report on the State and Needs of Education 2018-2020
Commission on Preschool and Elementary Education
Commission on Secondary Education
Commission on College Education
Commission on University Education and Research
Commission on Adult Education and Continuing Education


All members of the commissions and committees are volunteers, and must adhere to the CSE'S Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. PDF document


Five commissions have a mandate to prepare for the CSE proposals regarding issues related to their respective institution or field. The Commissions are the foundation of Conseil, providing expertise in their respective fields of education and reflecting the Conseil's democratic role.

Each commission comprises between nine and fifteen members appointed by the CSE following consultations with stakeholder institutions and organizations in the education field. The mandate of the members not exceeding three years, which can be only consecutively renewed once.

Chairpersons for the commissions are chosen from among the members of the CSE.

Committee for the Report on the State and Needs of Education

To prepare reports on the State and Needs of Education, the CSE establishes a committee and appoints its members. The structure of the committee varies according to the report and its designated theme. The members are appointed according to their expertise, their knowledge of a given issue, or the unique perspective which they might bring to an issue given their background.

Ad hoc Committees

As needed, the CSE can establish an ad hoc committee mandated to prepare specific proposals or memoranda.


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