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Protestant Committee: "Without THEE, Mission Impossible"

by Graham Jackson,
President of the Protestant Committee


This title succinctly describes this year’s theme for École primaire de la Farandole, located in Saint-Hubert and part of the Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin. It has a double meaning. It draws attention to the importance of having God in our lives but also emphasizes that all students have a role to play in student life and must participate actively in the learning process if they are to succeed. This positive learning atmosphere is made possible by active parental involvement, the cooperation of the school board, the dedicated participation of the teachers and the evident enthusiasm of the students.


An instructive visit

What a pleasure it was for members of the Protestant Committee to visit this very special school and to experience the dynamic ethos which pervades every aspect of the student-centered curriculum. Carole Morin-Haché, President of the governing board, explained that parents from several Protestant denominations worked together for some time before requesting the creation of a school with an educational project which would satisfy their needs.


The school’s educational project

In just two short years, the members of the school community have already accomplished much of their mission statement. The school provides a quality academic curriculum within the guidelines of the basic school regulation of the Ministry of Education, and integrates an enriched Protestant Moral and Religious Education Programme (PMRE).

The objective of the school’s educational project is to transmit Judeo-Christian values to guide students in their development of sound practices of daily moral behaviour. The project is dynamic and draws upon our rich Quebec heritage, our present day cultural diversity whilst respecting our Protestant traditions and Christian beliefs.


The religious animation service

An essential factor in the lives of the students is the presence of the religious animator. This gifted and inspiring person is able to involve all the students, from kindergarten to level 6, in a whole host of exciting activities, making the Christian experience both fun and relevant to them.


A growing concern

This year, the student enrolment stands at 185, however next year, the principal, Johanne Dupras, predicts an enrolment of 300 with the addition of Secondary I.

The Protestant Committee believes that educational projects allow school communities to fulfil the needs of parents. Flexibility within the curriculum, a hallmark of the current educational reform, permits schools like École de la Farandole to flourish.

What a very great privilege it is to live in a province where choice is the touchstone of freedom and hallmark of democracy.

Panorama • Volume 5, Number 2 • May 2000


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