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A Step in the Right Direction

Full -Time Kindergarten

When a brief on changes to the basic school regulation for preschool and primary education was made public in April, the Conseil supérieur de l'éducation reiterated its support of full-time kindergarten for five-year-olds. The Conseil deems that this measure, along with the announced development of new education services for four-year-olds from underprivileged areas is "a step in the right direction".

The Conseil also emphasized the importance of developing these services to reflect the needs of the children, parents, and the community at large. It insists on the quality of the services themselves and the qualification of the people who provide them, and reminds policy makers of the two imperatives that must guide the implementation of these services : equalizing opportunity and the prevention of problems.

In April 1996, the Conseil recommended that the Minister of Education, Pauline Marois, offer children aged 4 and 5 access to full-time, free education services, either in kindergarten or non-profit daycare, while maintaining the principle of optional attendance. The Conseil has also urged the Minister to institute a general policy for early childhood education services and to produce a seven-year development plan.


Panorama • Volume 2, Number 2 • May 1997


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